countAntom [1] is a multi-threaded #SAT solver based on the antom SAT solver.

The source code and a statically linked binary are available under the files tab.

Furthermore we provide the following #SAT specific benchmark collection:
  • Fault Injection: Encode the probability of a successful fault injection into a security circuit by clock manipulation [2].
  • Output Probability: Encode the probability that a circuit output is '1' when random inputs are applied.

Related publications:
[1] Jan Burchard, Tobias Schubert and Bernd Becker: Laissez-Faire Caching for Parallel #SAT Solving in International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing (SAT) 2015
[2] Matthias Sauer, Jan Burchard, Tobias Schubert, Ilia Polian and Bernd Becker: Waveform-Guided Fault Injection by Clock Manipulation in TRUDEVICE Workshop 2013


Manager: Tobias Paxian

Developer: Tobias Faller, Tobias Paxian