SATSolverProxy is a C++ Framework to easily switch between multiple SAT solver.

The following solver are currently supported:
  • antom [1]
  • CaDiCaL [2]
  • Glucose 3 [3]
  • Glucose 4.2.1 [3]
  • CryptoMiniSAT 5.6.5 [4]
SATSolverProxy has served as the backend solver in several projects:
  • Gay, Maël, Tobias Paxian, Upadhyaya, Devanshi, Bernd Becker and Ilia Polian. "Hardware-Oriented Algebraic Fault Attack Framework with Multiple Fault Injection Support." 2019 Workshop on Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance in Cryptography (FDTC). IEEE, 2019.
  • Paxian, Tobias, Sven Reimer, and Bernd Becker. "Pacose: An Iterative SAT-based MaxSAT Solver." MaxSAT Evaluation 2018: 20.
  • Raiola, Pascal, Tobias Paxian and Bernd Becker. "Minimal witnesses for security weaknesses in reconfigurable scan networks (submitted)

[1] Schubert, Tobias, Matthew Lewis, and Bernd Becker. "Antom—solver description." SAT Race (2010).
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